Customer Portal

Real time information required for a customers to monitor their Purchase order, ASN, Stock check & Accounts Statement.
Takes time to process your orders. No Real time data available.

  • Customer Web-portal integrated with ERP.
  • Self-service is becoming the preferred method of interacting with an organization. How can your organization be “open 24/7 without actually extending your hours? How can you improve the customer experience and deliver a high quality experience without hiring more support staff or implementing new training programs? Customer Portals are one way that small and medium businesses are staying in touch with customer needs.
  • Customer can access real time information on ASN, Accounts Statement & Order status.
  • We can broadcast news about your company and offer and sales deals for your specific customers.

Vendor Portal

Our web-based, interactive system incorporates built-in supplier communications, secure access to suppliers, email notifications, automated notifications and reminders, powerful dashboards and reports.

Vendor Portal module provides organizations a direct line of communication with their current and prospective suppliers.


  • Vendor Portal provides a comprehensive solution for full vendor/supplier management including supplier introduction, profile maintenance, evaluations and assessments, audits and performance data analysis.
  • Vendor Portal interfaces with other enterprise systems such as ERP.
  • Gives complete overview of Stocks and eCatalogs.

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