Discreet Manufacturing

Pain areas for the client

  • They were unable to track sales opportunities
  • They were unable to monitor production costs
  • Their quality process was not available in system
  • They were unable to monitor their subcontracting
  • Reports were people dependent hence delay in obtaining reports

The Solution Offered

We have implemented SAP Business One with production, quality and subcontracting addons. Approval alerts to respective heads with automated reports.


75 Employee

11 Users

Discreet Manufacturing

Benefits to the Client

Post SAP Business One implementation

  • They are able to track their sales opportunity
  • They are able to monitor production labour, material and costs
  • Now their quality process is system driven
  • They are able to monitor subcontracting
  • Auto alerts to heads for approval speeds up the approving process
  • Automated reports to the respective heads every day at specified time intervals

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