Automated Service and Infrastructure Management

Service & Infrastructure Management - Challenges

  • 67% of service incidents are not related to hardware , either software or application related
  • IT Threats and attacks due to non updation of patches
  • Application rollouts expensive and time consuming
  • Unavailability of Data about IT assets and Licenses resulting in higher cost
  • Redundant and under/over utilized IT resources
  • Non-Compliance of IT and Infrastructure resulting in organizational and legal challenges
  • Reactive IT resulting in non-performance

Why Customers are unable to address this?

  • Day to Day operational issues does not allow time to be spent on these
  • Manual process make it cumbersome to monitor and manage
  • People driven activities fail because of hierarchical ego and process hindrances
  • New project initiatives affects routine services
  • Un-structured IT policies and heterogeneous infrastructure makes management difficult
  • Lack of knowledge improvement and Industry trends leading in low quality support


  • Desktops and laptops will connect through office network to the internet via firewall.
  • Laptops, smart phones and tablets on the field will connect through inernet.
  • All devices will be installed with our service application agent.
  • Data about the desktop and laptop including O/S and application will be stored in repository.
  • Techmi professional servicesteam will monitor and manage.

Capabilities and Deliverables

Smart Phone and Tablets

  • Device inventory, device locking, PIN reset
  • Remote command status view, remote device wipe, selective data wipe, password enforcement, locking/unlocking device capabilities,
  • Geo tracking, copy/paste restriction
  • Monitor, push and block apps
  • Work Data and Personal Data Containers

Desktop and Laptop

  • Tickets
  • Routing of Tickets
  • Automated Services, Issue fixes and Ticket Closure
  • TAT – Turn Around Time based – Service Automation
  • Reports


Service Service Plus Service Premium
Patch Management
Remote Control
Mobile Management
Dedicated Resource


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