Integrations (BizTalk, EDIFact, iDocs)

If you are looking for information on Integration. You have come to the right place. Here at Mukesh Infoserve, we are a specialised in Integrating two heterogeneous systems via backend and we have plenty of experience with EDI, BizTalk & iDocs.

Integration is an e-communication method that provides standards for exchanging data via electronic means. By sticking to the EDI standard, two different companies or partners can electronically exchange documents. There are many EDI standards such as Rosetta Net , EDIFACT, etc., some of which address the needs of specific industries. EDI means a sequence of messages between two parties, either of which can serve as sender or recipient. The formatted data in the documents may be transmitted from originator to recipient through telecommunications or physically transported on electronic storage media. Human intervention in the processing of a message is typically required only , for quality checks, errors and special situations.

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