Pain Areas For The Client

This huge network of healthcare chain was facing an enormous challenge of maintaining their business process, which was decentralized with multiple application and manual operations and hence could not optimize their business operations.

The Solution Offered

We suggested and implemented SAP Business One ERP for their Finance and Logistics needs and it also serves as their backend database seamlessly integrating their front end operations like their Hospital Management System (HMS) and Point of Sales terminals (POS).

Benefits to the Client

This implementation has helped the customer to reduce the number of vendors to run their applications. Their decentralized business process has been streamlined ensuring data integrity business process optimization. Manual operations were minimized reducing margin of errors. Their existing HMS and POS utilities have been seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One hence ensuring their existing front end was used and thus reducing end user’s resistance to change management. The automated reports system of SAP Business One enables the customer with up to the minute update on their business.

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