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It will involve Mixing, Baking and packing material production as per the indent received from customers. It has been purchased from stores dept. and will send to the own outlets and franchisee based on the Indent received. The Remaining or excess production will be stored into internal and external cold storage.


Other than own production, some of the products will be produced under Third party as Sub-contract. The production process will involve the products like ice cream, puffs, pastries, chocolates etc… As per the requirements, the products will be produced and send it to the own outlets/ Franchisee. QA will be controlled over by Process owners and RM will also deliver for the production process based on the requirements.



The production planning is always based on the requirements from various sources. It involves Pre-scaling, mixing, baking and packing.


Once the Indent/Sales order has been approved, the production dept. will check the Raw material recipe wise in this Pre-scaling process. The Batch Number will be created in this pre-scaling process and will carry out throughout the production process.

In this window, choose a product with an existing production Bill of Materials (BOM) for a Standard or Disassembly production order. For a Special production order, define the components and quantities required to make the product as you create the production order.


RM indent will send to the store as per order requirement and Approval. Mixing the Raw material as per SOP.QA checking process will also be done in the mixing process. After mixing, the Mixing will be weighed and it can also return to the stores in case of any modification.

In SAP Business one, you can use this window to issue manual items to production orders, and to report disassembly orders completion. Back flush components are issued automatically.


After mixing, the unpacked Mixing will be baked for Baking production as per the various requirements. QA process will also be done after baking. The Baking and crumbs will be weighed after baking has been done.

In SAP Business One, the Batches assigned to the specific customer who sends back goods are displayed by default in the Batch Number Selection window that opens from one of the following documents: return, delivery, A/R invoice and A/R credit memo.


Once the Mixing has been mixed, it will send to Quality Inspection for QA checking. After passing all the standard parameters with Quality Dept. the Packed Mixing will send to external cold storage. The unpacked Mixing will move on to baking process for Baking production based on corporate requirements or else it will send to internal cold storage.


Unpacked Mixing will move onto baking process for Baking production and packed Mixing will pass onto stores based on indent/requirements.

The Production Order window enables you to track the quantity and cost of materials, and the product status in the manufacturing process.

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