Transforming Generation Of Jewellery Business with Technology

Before Automation 

  • A century old traditional jewellery Business
  • 4 Branches
  • Inventory silos and manual consolidation
  • No product cataloguing
  • Savings schemes at Stores only
  • Finance, Sales and Purchase on individual software applications without integration
  • Operational challenges

The customer is in Jewellery business for last two centuries. Started their business from a small town in Southern India and spread across 3 States and 12 Branches currently.

It offers its customers the Best of Choice in Jewellery covering Traditional to Modern, Antique to Machine-cut, Precious Stones to Household Silver items.

Retaining the customers through personalised services and outstanding quality of products along with flexible saving schemes and innovative business strategies, customeris a strong brand in Jewellery segment.

Moving to the next growth phase customerhad to address their business challenges like integrated single view of business parameters like invoicing, inventory, purchase, accounting and customer relationship. They chose Mukesh Infoserve and SAP B1 to solve by automating and integrating through a specialized add-on “Aurum”. SAP B1 brings a strong backend while “Aurum” gives them a flexible frontend to manage their business in an integrated approach.

After Automation 

  • 12 Branches
  • Centralized Inventory and Purchase Control
  • Complete Jewellery Business operations from Purchase to Sales
  • Workflow and Control mechanism across branches
  • Product Catalogue integration with Core ERP
  • Savings Scheme Integration with Core ERP
  • Finance, Inventory and Sales integrated and online
  • SMS Integration
  • Mail Integration
  • MIS reports

With SAP B1 implementation and “Aurum” add-on Jewellery customerwas able to overcome the Business Challenges. The SAP B1 application with “Aurum”, has the following

  • Accounts & Finance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance and P&L
    • Regular operational transactions
  • Sales
    • Estimation
    • Old Gold Exchange
    • Invoice
    • Dynamic Discounts
    • New item Order
  • Purchase
    • Purchase Order
    • GRN
    • Lot creation
    • Tagging
    • Stock Transfer
  • Reports
    • Day Closure Report
    • Inventory Report
    • Stock Transfer Report
    • Purchase Valuation
    • Tax Status
    • Sales Incentive Report
  • Repair
  • Melting
  • Savings scheme
  • Gift Management
  • Finger print
  • Sales Counter Incentive
  • New offers
  • Scheme Management

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